I love watching my mom and my son together! Over this past year they've developed a special, unique bond.  On the days that Owen takes a nap at Grandma's house, when I'm working with my vocal students, the two of them go upstairs and climb into bed together to read, laugh and cuddle. Owen has become so excited about this before nap event with "La La", (his name for Grandma), that he waves me out of the room with a kiss and carries on in the land of make believe.


As this New Year of 2016 charges ahead, so do grandchildren! Owen has discovered the piano and loves to explore the possibilities of percussive notes! Friends gave him a toy piano for the holidays and he enjoys that as well. He also loves to strum the Ukulele. Musical instruments can be as simple as a set of pots and pans or a few bells. Sharing the joy and the discovery of sound through play with children is so much fun!!


Enjoying Family Music together for a great cause was the best way we could imagine celebrating the release of our new album,"Love You  To The Moon and Back." The Family Concert raised $3,600 for Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Support Services! It was wonderful to see so many fans and friends turn out to support us! We love you and look forward to singing again soon!


Music News Flash! Finally! Our new CD is available. This has been a dream project of ours for many years and we are so happy to be sharing it with all of you. It's was Ariel's pregnancy that inspired us to create this mother/daughter project. Owen had his first birthday yesterday. As you can see, he's enjoying his cupcake with family and friends.

Winning isn't everything they say, yet it still feels good. But, what does true winning really mean? Last week I took an emotional nosedive, after going to The Parents' Choice website to see if we had won a 2015 Award. I couldn't find our CD, on the list, and immediately felt so depressed! Turns out I had been looking at the wrong list, but I had a chance to experience a conversation of self-doubt, and real disappointment before a little furry friend of mine helped me remember what really matters.

I woke up this morning and found an email letting me know that Love You To The Moon and Back is a Parents' Choice Award Winner for Fall 2015! The Parents' Choice Foundation is a the nation's oldest nonprofit guide to quality children's media. Ariel and I, along with our arranger, Barry Phillips, are thrilled.

It’s amazing to watch my son grow. All the little developmental milestones, from crawling, to standing up on his own, to opening doors, to trying new foods and making new sounds. Owen will be a year old in a couple weeks and to be honest, this year feels like one of the longest in my life!

What a whirlwind this past ten months have been. Owen is on his way to walking and right now it’s all about being on the move.

Ariel's son, Owen in his own wondrous dreamland at three months. Amazing that he is 10 months now.

Celebrating a new baby is such a blessing! The first days or week can be like a heavenly dream - and then the new reality of sleep deprivation begins to take effect. Luckily as the demands on physical endurance increase, so does our capacity to give, for there is absolutely nothing stronger than the instinct to protect, and love this fragile newborn in our arms. This song of the heart deepens with time, as I’ve watched in my daughter Ariel and her husband David, as they care for their son - falling more profoundly in love with him each week. As a grandparent, remembering my own first days of blissful chaos, I proudly cheer from the sidelines, give help when needed, all the while falling hopelessly in love with the little bundle myself. May these gentle songs help soothe your nights as they have his.




Our mother/ daughter lullaby album "Love You to the Moon and Back", will be released on September 14th, 2015. Pre-Sale will begin August 17th!






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