Winning isn't everything they say, yet it still feels good. But, what does true winning really mean? Last week I took an emotional nosedive, after going to The Parents' Choice website to see if we had won a 2015 Award. I couldn't find our CD on the list, and immediately felt so depressed! Turns out I had been looking at the wrong list, but I had a chance to experience a conversation of self-doubt, and real disappointment before a little furry friend of mine helped me remember what really matters. A good romp with my loving, playful puppy and I was in the present again, giving love, and receiving it tenfold! I knew I was proud of our work, and that in the end what really mattered was knowing I had given my very best, and that winning was really about being true to one's own vision and heart. 


My grand daughter, Evie, arrived at our house later that morning, along with little baby Owen, and all of us, entered my favorite land, "The World of Make Believe," leaving behind any doubt that babies and puppies know where the fun is! 


Yesterday, I opened my email and learned we had actually won a Parents' Choice Award after all!  It felt great, but I was glad I had learned that winning comes from inside, where love resides, and that's what dogs and babies know for sure!  



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