1. Starry Night

Music and Lyrics by Linda Arnold 

I wrote this song on a clear winter night soon after I learned Ariel was pregnant. It was so moving to watch her sing it in the studio six months pregnant. 


Close your eyes, little one. 
The day is almost done. 
I can see the silver moon, 
And all the little stars, 
Will be dancing soon. 
Close your eyes, little one. 


Dream of taking flight, 
Into this starry night. 
Like a bird, you can fly, 
Safe on the wings, 
Of my lullaby. 
Dream, baby dream. 


Sleep, baby sleep, 
In peaceful, slumber deep. 
While you dream, heaven above, 
And all the little stars, 
Shine down their love. 
Sleep, baby sleep, 
On this starry night. 


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