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Morning Sun

I wrote “Morning Sun” in anticipation of the arrival of my first child, Owen. The song is essentially written from the perspective of a mother to be, daydreaming of the day when she would hold her child in her arms.  As I sat at the piano writing lyrics, I felt the soft kicks of this new life inside me. Owen is exactly as this song imagined him to be: bright, fearless, and vocal.

 Music and Lyrics by Ariel Thiermann | Ariel, Lead Vocals and Harmony | William Coulter, Guitar | Barry Phillips, Piano and Cello | Rebecca Jackson, Violin  | Chad Kaltinger, Viola | Stan Poplin, Bass


Little one, in my arms,

I will keep you safe from harm,

Sweet dreamer, how you glow,

As I rock you soft and slow.


You shine so bright,

Like the morning sun.

You share your light,

With everyone


Gentle hands, open wide,

Honest eyes with nothing to hide.

Fearless heart, beating strong,

Learning how to sing your song.





I’m gonna love you through it all.

Watch you fly, watch you fall.

Help you learn, help you grow

Rock you soft, rock you slow.

Repeat Bridge

Repeat first verse


Repeat Bridge 3xs

I’m gonna love you.