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Peter Rabbit

Music and Lyrics by Linda Arnold 
All children love a bedtime story and the tale of Peter Rabbit is one of our family favorites! 

Music and lyrics by Linda Arnold | Linda, Lead Vocals | William Coulter, Guita | Barry Phillips, Cello | Rebecca Jackson, Violin | Lars Johannesson, Flute | Shelly Phillips, Oboe | Jeff Gallagher, Clarinet | Stan Poplin, Bass


Peter Rabbit hopping on his way,
To the garden on a sunny day, 

Wearing a new blue jacket, so carefree,
Hopping happily.

When he came to the garden gate,
To eat some lettuce, he couldn’t wait,
So he looked around and quickly slipped inside,
And then forgot to hide.
Look out little Peter, that farmer is cunning.
I think he sees you. You better start running.
Jump into that water can, that’s what you could do.
Now be very quiet, so he doesn’t find you.

Peter managed to get away.
But, lost his shoes and his coat that day.
When he finally got home Mrs. Rabbit said:
“Peter, go straight to bed.”
His mother had warned him,
“To McGregors’, don’t go!”
Now his shoes and his little blue coat,
Are the farmer’s new scarecrow

Peter Rabbit hopping on his way
To a new adventure today,
Maybe a little wiser, but still carefree,
Hopping happily, hopping happily!