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Raisins and Almonds 

This beautiful lullaby, usually sung in Yiddish, is probably one of the best known of the Eastern European Jewish lullabies. The first verse, played by the clarinet, describes a young widow, sitting in a cozy corner, rocking her only child, singing and dreaming of when he will grow to be a trader of ”Roxinkes mit Mandlen” or “Raisins and Almonds”. 

 Trad. Eastern European | Linda, Lead and Harmony Vocals | William Coulter, Guitar | Barry Phillips, Cello | Jeff Gallagher, Clarinet


Underneath the cradle, 

There’s a little white toy goat.

The little goat went out a trading,

Just, as you’ll do someday.

Trading in raisins and almonds.

Sleep, sweet little one, sleep.


Repeat verse:

Shlof-zhe Yidele, shlof.