Linda Arnold: Vocals

Ariel Thiermann: Vocals

Barry Phillips: Cello, Cittern, Piano, Percussion

William Coulter: Guitar

Jesse Autumn: Double Strung Harp

Rebecca Jackson: Violin

Chad Kaltinger: Viola

Mike Marshall: Mandolin

Stan Poplin: Bass

Lars Johannesson: Flute, Piccolo

Jeff Gallagher: Clarinet

Shelly Phillips: Oboe

David Brewer: Irish flute and Whistle

Janet Dows: Concertina


Produced by Barry Phillips and  Linda Arnold

All arrangements, engineering, and mixing by Barry Phillips

Recorded at Phoenix Studios and Barry’s Cave

Mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk at Sienna Digital

Graphic Design by Catharine Gallagher 

Photography by Paul Schraub


All songs written by Linda Arnold, © 2015 Linda Arnold Publishing, ASCAP, except where noted.

 “Morning Sun” written by Ariel Thiermann, © 2015 , Melted Pearl Publishing, ASCAP.








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